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ffcombat's Journal

Final Fantasy Combat
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A Final Fantasy Icon Battle

ONE Welcome to ffcombat, a Final Fantasy tournament-style icontest that employs the BATTLE style of elimination in order to crown a champion at the end of the round. Players go head-to-head in weekly icon challenges to eliminate their competitor in this fast-paced icontest.
TWO The rules are simple. [ONE] You must be a member to participate, and you must sign up for the round before participating.[TWO] All icons must be original creations by you for that challenge that adhere to the LJ standards (40kb, 100x100).
[THREE] Icons must be made from images of Final Fantasy characters. Fan art/cosplay/doujinshi is acceptible, but you need to leave a link to your source. Kingdom Hearts characters will not be accepted, so head over to trinity_lims for a Kingdom Hearts Battle. [FOUR] Do not advertise your icon anywhere before results go up. [FIVE] There are no skips - if you do not submit, you are removed to the secondary bracket. If you do not submit there, you are automatically eliminated.[SIX] You must show respect to all other participants and the moderators at all times. We all appreciate it.

Important Links
THREE There will be a preliminary challenge to start in order to determine who will be participating and to set up the tournament grid (which will be put together randomly in order to assure fairness). The following challenges will all be head-to-head battles, with the losers going into a secondary bracket so everyone can continue playing. The secondary bracket will run simultaneous to the primary bracket. The number of challenges depends on the number of participants. No aliases will be used in this round.

The schedule will be submissions on Monday-Saturday, voting on Saturday-Monday, and results on Monday night.
We are unable to offer any prizes at this time.
FOUR In order to contact one of your moderators, leave a comment on any post or contact us at our journals, gabranth or xennai.
Affiliates can be found here. Drop a comment if you would like to be one.

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